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Our Values

I-Secure's values and credo build a strong foundation for our day-to-day behaviors, commitments to our shareholders, and our high standards in conducting business. Our core values define our culture and the way in which we conduct business. They form the basis of our conduct and govern our decisions. At I-Secure, how we behave is as important as the results we achieve. An underlying principle of our conduct is our commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards in ourselves and those around us.

Customer First

We always strive to put the customer first. We always listen to our customers and respond quickly to their needs. In our business, knowledge is Key. We seek to deliver a reliable, high quality solution with a smooth service experience. We should always operate with precision and a strong sense of urgency. It is important to proactively communicate with our customers and manage their expectations.


We operate in three offices in three countries to cover all Middle East. Our team members can count on us to deliver on our realistic expectations. We encourage an atmosphere of openness, direct communication and mutual support


Ethics and integrity are integral to working at I-Secure. We demand the highest ethical standards from ourselves and our colleagues. Refusing to compromise on matters of principle, and consistently demonstrate honesty, allowing us to act with implicit confidence in our fellow employees.

Quality Standards

Our goal is to provide the highest quality solutions and services we possibly can. We define quality by evaluating employees, services, solutions, education, appearance of all of the products we provide and even right down to the type of customers in which we wish to partner with.


At I-Secure, We take ownership of our actions and make a positive commitment to avoid ethical lapses. Intent, words, and actions, and results are interconnected. Our accountability is key to the success of I-Secure and our customers.


We strive to continually provide cutting edge of technology innovations and discoveries, to bring your future innovation to market today. Hence, we are able to provide our customers with state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and capabilities.


Openness, fairness, and honesty lead to our collective success. Mutual trust is earned through developing personal relationships and demonstrated behavior, and together we earn the trust of our customers and partners.


I-Secure's culture is built upon the strengths, initiative, and dedication of our people. We treat people with respect, courtesy, honesty, and fairness. We value diversity, including skills, experiences, and perspectives. The attributes that make each individual unique are respected.

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